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ThunderTeck, Inc. is a startup corporation focusing on the implementation of technology as a lifestyle through Professional Services and gaming. We have been in business since 2017 and are eager to build an audience through our tech and gaming channel on YouTube as well as our Twitch, Twitter and Facebook channels.

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Custom Systems

stay on the cutting edge

Keeping a competitive edge is fundamental to being on top of your game.


Whether you are just getting into high intensive gaming or you are a veteran in the gaming world, ThunderTeck’s custom system builds will give you the advantage you need to suceed.

Recommended Pre-Builds

hand built by the experts

We offer five convenient, pre-built gaming systems available for purchase.


These customized, hand-built systems have been built with extreme gaming in mind. All components were hand-picked and installed by the team at ThunderTeck so that you can spend less time worrying about parts and more time improving your gaming skills. Start your new gaming experience today.

Can’t find what you need?

Request a free custom build quote today.


look professional. go professional.

Keeping up your peak performance requires some serious hardware.


Whether it is a gaming chair or professional gaming keyboard, your skills will be up there with the best. Looking cool doesn’t hurt, either.


All of our custom systems are built by hand with the utmost care.


Our staff will be there the entire process, from order to delivery.


Our own staff are hardcore gamers. We know what's the best.

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